Admission Open for Session: 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2 Admission Form Available on 1 January. 2021 Class Play Group to IX-XI


It is mandatory that School fee should be paid in four quarters. First at the time of admission, Second by 10th July 2021, Third by 10th Oct 2021 & Fourth by 10th January 2022.

Type Frequency Payable Amount
Registration Fee Non Refundable One Time At the time of issue/submission of Admission form 500
Admission Fee Non Refundable One Time At the time of admission Fees 20,000
Caution Money
(Refundable without interest at the time of withdrawal)
Refundable One Time At the time of admission 1,500
Annual Fee Non Refundable Annual At the time of admission
(Parent I-Card, Student I-Card, Test & Examinations , School Assignments, Sports, Swimming etc)
Lab Fee
(For Class 9 th & 10 th Science Stream)
Non Refundable Annual At the time of admission 2,000
Lab Fee
(For Class XI th Science Stream)
Non Refundable Annual At the time of admission 3,000
Activity Fee Non-Refundable Annual At the time of admission 3,000
Tuition Fee Non-Refundable Quarterly a) Class : Playgroup, LKG, UKG (2000*3) 6,000
b) Class : I to V (2500*3) 7,500
c) Class : VI to VIII (2800*3) 8,400
d) Class : IX - X (3500*3) 10,500
e) Class : XI - XII (3800*3) 11,400

Transport Fee (Charged quarterly) applicable as per the Route chart given below:
1. Rs. 700/- Per Month (Shikohabad City)
2. Rs. 800/- Per Month (All the Routes of Sirsaganj)

Transport fees for other routes
3. Rs. 700/- Per Month
4. Rs. 800/- Per Month ( within 6 to 8 Km Range)
5. Rs.1000/- Per Month( within 8 to 10 Km Range)


Full payment of the entire fee is mandatory at the time of admission as per the schedule laid down by the school. Payment of school fee will be accepted by a bank draft or' cheque. Demand Draft should be made in the name of "Delhi Public School, Shikohabad" payable at Shikohabad. Cash submission may please be avoided to save the risk of counter felt notes.

Transport Fee Charged for 11 Months only.

In case of cheque bouncing for any reason, a cheque return penalty of Rs. 750/-will be charged.

Fee and other charges are not refundable except caution money  The caution money will be refunded by way of Account Payee cheque after completion of one month from the date of issue of transfer certificate.

All the Payments have to be made by 10th of every quarter any one not clearing the arrears within this time will be subject to a fine of Rs. 50 Per day.

If the entire fee of a student deposited at a time of admission, 5% concession will be given in the tuition fee.

The amount deposited towards registration and admission for a particular year is neither refundable nor transferable to any other year. Fresh registration will be required if the child is to be given admission for a subsequent admission test.

The school reserves the right to revise the fee keeping in view the price index and other relevant considerations. However, such revisions will not take place during the academic year barring exceptional circumstances.

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  • Grade IK I
  • Grade IK II
  • Grade IK III
  • Grade I
  • Grade II
  • Grade III
  • Grade IV
  • Grade V
  • Grade VI
  • Grade VII
  • Grade VIII
  • Grade IX
  • SSLC / 10 Std
  • HSc / 12 Std / Equivalent
  • Degree / Equivalent
  • Others (Specify)


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